Introductions Seem Worthy

Welcome to The First War Campaign. This is a campaign loosely based off of the campaigns from Warcraft Orcs and Humans and Warcraft II Tides of Darkness. I do not take any credit for creating these characters or histories, this was all done by Blizzard.

The campaign is set in Azeroth. The orcs and their allies have invaded the humans kingdoms and have recently lost in a siege against the human city Stormwind. The orc leadership is beginning to crumble as clans fight amongst each other. There are few who can force the horde to head the call of a greater power and direct their anger towards an enemy. An orc by the name of Blackhand has been hand picked by the Shadow Council to usurp command and take control of the horde.
The human alliance is not faring any better. Deceit and lies fill the main cities as plots are uncovered and towns are destroyed. The humans are attempting to reach out to allies for aid in the hopes that they will be able to force the Orcs back into the Dark Portal.

The First War