The Horde

Blood Oath Orcs: The Orcs are the bulk of the horde. Many years ago before their entrance into Azeroth they drank the blood of a Pit Lord named Mannoroth. It was on their home planet Draenor that they first tasted blood and conquered the Draenei. The demon blood they drank gave them extraordinary powers beyond the capabilities of a normal Orc. Their skins lost the brown color it once had and instead now glows a dark green. This color can range from grey, to red, to dark black it simply depends upon the Orc. Their eyes have taken on a reddish color as the powerful corruption flowing through their veins creates an eternal blood lust. Most Orcs are driven by a single purpose: to kill. There are a few that are capable of being great tacticians in their own right. These Orcs have risen to the occasion and have become many of the leaders of the various clans. Orcs are typically anywhere from 6-7 feet tall weighing 250-300 pounds. Female Orcs usually weigh only 50-100 pounds less than male Orcs.

Orcs are medium creatures who move at 30ft. They once believed in their ancestral spirits but many have forgotten them due to the blood oath. Any religious figure they now serve is the Dark Titan Sargeras.
Orcs know the Orc language and Common which they have acquired due to their exploits. Some Orcs have learned the native tongue of the Draenei but many see it as a waste to learn the ways of those you conquer. Others have learned to speak their allies languages: Ogre, Troll, and Goblinoid. (Any language besides Orc and Common are bonus languages)
Orcs can see up to 60 feet with their Darkvision. They have acquired demon capabilities and this is one of them. They are not affected by sunlight like most creatures with Darkvision.
These are some typical Orc names.
Male Names:
Grom, Thrum, Drog, Gorrum, Harg, Thurg, Karg.
Female Names:
Groma, Hargu, Igrim, Agra, Dragga, Grima.
Family Names:
Doomhammer, Deadeye, Forebinder, Elfkiller, Skullsplitter, Axeripper, Tearshorn, Fistcrusher, Nosebasher, Scruton.

Orcs are stronger than most races and get a +2 bonus to Strength. They also receive either a +2 to Constitution or +2 to Dexterity. This is decided at creation and simply is a variant upon the demonic tendencies of the specific Orc. Since Orcs shine in physical areas, their minds are not as sharp as most. Orcs receive a -2 to Wisdom and a -1 to all checks that deal with Intelligence. Orcs are able to grasp arcane principles but have troubles focusing on them in order to accomplish their tasks.
All Orcs can enter a phase called Blood Frenzy. This allows for Orcs to gain one free action during combat. This can be initiated anytime during their turn and only once during that specific combat. The rage does not make the Orcs tired, it simply drains some of their energies not allowing them to use it again within the same battle. This has no limits to how many times a day this can be used.
Orcs are never considered demons in regards to spells and effects. They simply are enriched with demon blood.

Ogres: Ogres are one race that came through the Dark Portal with the Orcs. Ogres are large brutes typically used by the Orcs for muscle. The Ogres decided to join with the Orcs because the Orcs freed them from their slavery under the God-like Gronns on Draenor. Though most Ogres hate Orcs, they have agreed to assist the Orcs in this war, for now. Ogres are large creatures ranging from 7-9 feet tall. Most Ogres weigh roughly 400-500 pounds. These Ogres have one head, two heads are extremely rare, 1-2 eyes, and at least 1 horn on their heads. Ogres are not adept with magic, but some experiments are rumored to have resulted in Ogre magi. These have not been seen and simply whispered about amongst the Horde ranks.
Ogres are considered Large for all intensive purposes. Their base land speed is 40ft. They have no notable religion but some still worship the Gronns who once ruled them.
Ogres speak Common and Ogre. Some Ogres are able to speak Orc. (bonus language)
Ogres have Darkvision up to 60 feet and become dazed if exposed to bright light.
Ogre names typically are short syllables: Cho, Gal, Tharg, Mug, Thal, Turok. Any Ogre with two heads also combines two names: Cho’Gall, Mug’Thal, etc.
Due to their large size Ogres receive +3 to strength and +1 to constitution. Ogres are stupid and take a -2 penalty to intelligence. They also receive -1 to AC since they are large creatures.
Ogres are able to wield Unruly Weapons. They can pick up anything that weighs under 100 pounds and use it as a bludgeoning weapon that they are proficient in. They are able to pick up larger items to use but suffer penalties on them. Examples of this are a tree stump, part of a wall, a door, an Orc, etc. The damage for these weapons vary depending upon the type of improved weapon used. If an Ogre picks up a flagpole and uses it, that counts as a piercing weapon instead of bludgeoning. This is true for all similar variants. The weapon is only good for so many swings. The hardness of the weapon is determined upon how much it weighs: objects that weigh less have less durability and break faster. Also, a living creature used as an Unruly Weapon that weighs 100 pounds has less durability than a tree that weighs 100 pounds. An ogre can remove sections of an object in order to fit it into the 100 pounds category; during combat this is a full round action that provokes an attack of opportunity. Out of combat this simply takes 1 minute to do. (Ogres essentially rip off unneeded parts including arms, legs, heads, leaves, branches, flags, etc)


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The Horde

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